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  • WoW PTR 6.1: Neues Build auf dem Testserver - englischsprachige Patch Notes

    Mit dem neuen Patch für den WoW-Testserver kommen unter anderem erneute Änderungen an einigen Klassen sowie die Anhebung des Item-Levels für die Garnisons-Anhänger. Wir haben die englischsprachigen Patch Notes für euch - eine übersetzte Version reichen wir nach.

    Für den kommenden WoW-Patch 6.1 erschien auf dem Testserver ein neuer Patch, der unter anderem einige Änderungen an dem Item-Level der Garnisons-Anhänger und den Gebäuden mit sich brachte. Des Weiteren sind auch wieder einige Klassen von Änderungen betroffen. Unter anderem müssen sich Magier, Mönche, Paladine oder Schurken auf Anpassungen einstellen. Zusätzlich gibt es kleinere Veränderungen an Missionen, Gegenständen, dem Interface, im PVP und Kreaturen.

    Die Patch Notes für das neue PTR-Build liegen aktuell nur in einer englischsprachigen Version vor – wir reichen die übersetzten Patch Notes für das neue WoW-PTR-Update aber natürlich für euch nach. Die englischsprachigen Patch Notes findet ihr unterhalb des Absatzes. Die Originalnews zum neuen Testserver-Build findet ihr auf der offiziellen WoW-Homepage zu WoW. Mehr Infos zu WoW-Update 6.1 gibt's auf unserer WOW-Themenseite.

    Patch 6.1 PTR Patch Notes Update - Jan 29

    Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts

    Garrison Followers
    • Garrison Followers may now be upgraded to item level 675.

    Garrison Buildings

    Salvage Yard
    • Follower Weaponry and Armor Set tokens (War Ravaged, Blackrock, Goredrenched) no longer drops from salvage. Weapon and Armor enhancement tokens that can upgrade a Follower's weapon or armor item levels will continue to have a chance to drop from Salvage Crates.
    Trading Post
    • Players trading Garrison Resources for tradeskill materials can now shift-click to specify the amount of items they want to purchase.
    • Trading Post Parts that drop in Ashran now have a chance to drop from all creatures and NPCs that drop Artifact Fragments, with an increased drop chance based on the quality of the creature or NPCs.
    • All rings, neck, cloak, and trinket items that can be acquired in Nagrand (A level 98+ zone) or later should now be better suited for the character's loot specialization. This means tanks should no longer receive items with no bonus Armor and healers should no longer receive items with no Spirit from quests or Personal loot mode for those item slots.

    Class Changes
    Talent Balance

    • Evanesce should now provide protection against many more effects, and function more consistently.
    • Ice Nova (Frost) now roots the target instead of stunning them, but the root is no longer affected by diminishing returns.


    • Chi Explosion (Mistweaver) healing while in Serpent Stance is increased by 40%, and is now usable while channeling Soothing Mist. Healing while in Crane Stance is reduced by 33.3%.


    • Empowered Seals (Protection, Retribution) has been improved. Liadrin's Righteousness now increases haste by 20% (up from 15%). Uther's Insight now heals the Paladin for 2% of maximum health every 3 seconds (up from 1% every 2 seconds).
    • Cosmetic transformation effects now have a higher priority than Druid combat forms.
    • To retain and improve readability in rated PvP environments, cosmetic transformation effects are now suppressed for all classes inside a rated PvP environment (Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds).
    Death Knight Armor Sets
    • PvP 4-piece set bonus for Blood Death Knights now only applies Anti-Magic Shell to 1 additional ally within 15 yards (down from 2 allies).
    Druid General
    • Mangle damage increased by 27%.


    • Deep Freeze's stun effect now always breaks on damage from Ice Lance or Ice Nova, but no longer has a chance to break from other damage sources.
    • Blast Wave (Fire) now has a 3-second cooldown.
    • Ice Nova (Frost) now has a 3-second cooldown.
    • Supernova (Arcane) now has a 3-second cooldown.
    Armor Sets
    • Tier-17 4-piece bonus for Fire Mages is now approximately 0.7 procs per minute (down from 1 procs per minute).


    Armor Sets
    • PvP 4-piece set bonus for Brewmaster Monks now only applies Guard to 1 additional ally within 15 yards (down from 2 allies).


    • Glyph of Immediate Truth is now only available to Retribution Paladins.


    Armor Sets
    • PvP 4-piece set bonus for Combat Rogues has been redesigned. Using Vanish instantly generates 5 combo points and the next Ambush, Eviscerate, Revealing Strike, or Sinister Strike will be a critical strike.


    • Enhanced Chain Lightning now makes Earthquake instant cast, and increases the damage done by the next Earthquake by 300% when Chain Lightning or Lava Beam strikes 3 or more targets (instead of increasing Earthquake damage by 60% for each target struck).
    • Maelstrom Weapon no longer reduces the mana cost of spells.
    Armor Sets
    • Tier-17 4-piece bonus for Elemental Shaman now requires the Shaman to consume 18 Lightning Shield charges to trigger (up from 15 charges).


    Armor Sets
    • Tier-17 4-piece bonus for Arms Warriors now causes Colossus Smash to generate 20 rage (down from 30 Rage).
    • Players in a raid group will once again no longer be eligible for quest credit, except for specially-designated Raid quests. We are continuing to explore ways of allowing players who want to engage in solo or small-group questing while in a raid group (for example, while waiting for a Highmaul raid to form, or in a Rated Battleground queue), without also allowing raid groups to trivially complete quests that were never designed with groups of that size in mind.
    Legendary Ring Quest Line
    • Characters can now select the version of the ring they want to receive when completing a step of the Legendary Ring Quest Line that provides an upgrade.
    Creatures and NPCs
    • Khadgar has decided to dismiss his remarkably realistic mirror images from capital cities across the land. Adventurers answering his summons and seeking to enter Draenor may once again only find him near the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands.
    • Flask of Conquest has been added as a potential drop from Strongboxes awarded at the end of a Rated Battleground match. The flask increases Conquest Point gains from Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds by 25% for 2 hours and the effect persists through death. The flask does not affect the character's Conquest cap and the drop chance is in addition to the existing chance for Strongboxes to contain Conquest Points.


    • Fishing vendors on Draenor now sell a consumable item that enables automatic filleting of fish caught in Draenor. Fish caught in Draenor are now automatically filleted.
    • Draenor fishing bait now lasts for 10 minutes (up from 5 minutes) to match the duration of fishing lures. and needs to be used within 15 minutes of being caught or it'll spoil.


    • Piccolo of the Flaming Fire has been rebuilt into a Toybox item. Players can channel for 30 seconds to cause those around them to dance with a 5-minute cooldown.
    • Ruthers' Harness has been added to the Toybox.
    • Moroes' Famous Polish now has a 30-minute cooldown (up from 10 minutes) to keep it consistent with our transformation cooldowns.


    New Colorblind Options
    • Players can now access a new suite of colorblind filter options under Accessibility settings in the Interface menu.
    • Premade Group leaders can now automatically accept applicants via a new "Auto Accept" checkbox after the group has been listed.
    • Improved the ordering for categories in the currency tab.
    • Popup notifications such as those for completing an achievement or receiving a reward after a Battleground match can now be dismissed by right-clicking on it.
    • Added an "Ignore this bag" option to Profession bags for bag clean up.
    • All multi-page windows now supports mousewheel scrolling.
    WoW Patch 6.1: Neues für die Garnison
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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor - Neues Build auf dem Testserver - englischsprachige Patch Notes
Mit dem neuen Patch für den WoW-Testserver kommen unter anderem erneute Änderungen an einigen Klassen sowie die Anhebung des Item-Levels für die Garnisons-Anhänger. Wir haben die englischsprachigen Patch Notes für euch - eine übersetzte Version reichen wir nach.