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  • WoW, Machinima: Interview about machinima & World of Warcraft

    WoW, Machinima: Interview about machinima & World of Warcraft „…And so begins our story of a baby beholder, starving and lost in Dalaran. He might grow faster than we thought and maybe we should habe been more careful about this little... thing." The story of the little beholder starts as small and unimpressive as the Baby B appears to be but soon we have to learn about one way to true power. Olibith entered the Alienware-Blizzard contest „Rise to Power“ and ended up as one of the four winners.

    WoW, Machinima: Interview about machinima & World of Warcraft buffed: Hi Olibith, can you introduce yourself to our readers in a few sentences? Like where you’re coming from and what you do for a living?

    Olibith: I come from France and I am a graphic designer. Unemployed right now but with many project as a geek online t-shirts shop and an e-cards website this year. I got a wife, a 3 years old daughter and 2 cats.

    buffed: In about 4 years your videos got about 8.000.000 clicks – just on Youtube alone. How do you feel about that?

    Olibith: That feels really great. Knowing that so many people saw my works is amazing and really is a motivation to make more movies. As a machinimaker, having an audience is the main hope and reward.

    buffed: You get often named when you ask machinima makers who inspired them and who they look up to. How do you feel about that and your VIP-status?

    Olibith: I guess I was lucky to be part of the firsts waves of WoW machinimas, it would be much more difficult right now to be noticed. I'm honored if I inspired anyone to make movies. This VIP status, having ingame NPCs, awards and all that fame are still amazing me, even if it goes with a lot of technical questions to answer and a lot of pressure for each new movie.

    buffed: And do you have any idols you look up to?

    Olibith: Of course yes, Baron Soosdon sure have always been one of them for his mind blowing relation to music and visuals, I also am a total fan of Oblivious Films and their so unique sense of humor. Ian Beckman, Stone Falcon prod, AFK pl@yers, Spiffworld all those are the people of the machinima scene that are still deeply inspiring me.

    buffed: Just a few weeks ago you won a Blizzard competition with a film about the rise of the small – how did you come up with the idea of “Beware of the Baby B”?

    WoW, Machinima: Interview about machinima & World of Warcraft Olibith: The idea came while playing WoW. I was in Dalaran with my pet Willy and then I saw this half eaten ginger bread man on the ground next to the cake chariot. Then I knew I had a story to tell in this "rise to power" contest.

    buffed: In your series “Never Stay Tuned” you’re often making clips about pop culture, movies, TV commercials and series, and you also get the help of other movie makers like Ian Beckman, Dopefish and Baron Soosdon – how do you get all these ideas for the clips and how long does it take, till an episode of “Never Stay Tuned” is finished?

    Olibith: The Never Stay Tuned series is something I am constantly thinking about, writing down ideas till I have enough of them to start. There's always a music video, a machinima, a video game, a movie scene or an ad on TV that makes me think - this is NST material! It took me so much time to make NST4 that I'm now kind of anguished to start working on next episode. The thing is that I want to make sure each episode is, to me, better than the last. Meaning next NST will certainly take me more than 200 hours and that is quite scary. I'll maybe start this year after my actual project, but then again I have so many projects I want to do.

    WoW, Machinima: Interview about machinima & World of Warcraft buffed: You’re also using elements from other video games and hint at games like Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto. Is it more complicated to find and implement non-WoW material instead of only using the WoW tools like the modelviewer?

    Olibith: It sometimes is more difficult, for the Metal Gear Solid parody I had to recreate a 3D room in After Effects with screenshots of the walls textures took ingame on PS3 with Snake's camera. For the Gnome Theft Auto sequence, I just used one of the official video and had to hide Nico Bellic behind my Gnome. Gnomes have a very large head so it was quite easy.

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    buffed: Does your alter ego – the gnome magician – have any similarities with yourself? ;) Or do you like or maybe even dislike gnomes in general?

    Olibith: Physically not really, I would be closer to an ogre than to a gnome. When I bought WoW I wanted to have a night elf druid. And then I saw that night elves male were not looking at all like the Warcraft3 druids... So I chose a gnome magician on day one. I love Gnomes since, the way they have no belief other than technology. My role-play guild, Gnomes Inc, is a 100% gnome guild helping our brothers and fighting for Gnomeregan. Let me tell you that Cataclysm is something we really are looking forward to.

    buffed: You seem to have a quite special relationship with Baron Soosdon as you work quite often together and pull a leg on each other – how come?

    Olibith: Yep, Soosdon is really a great guy. He is my friend, inspiration and technical guru. When I'm running out of ideas, I just have to chat with him a few minutes and by the end of the discussion I always get a bag full of exciting crazy concepts. He has always been there to help me since I started machinima and that does not make me someone special since the Baron is always ready to help his fellow machinimakers. The kind of guy who writes for just one person a pro tutorial. If there was a WoW machinima Nobel price, I'll give it to Soos.

    WoW, Machinima: Interview about machinima & World of Warcraft buffed: Are you playing World of Warcraft in your free time or did you quit for good?

    Olibith: I became a casual player, really casual. I don't have time anymore for raids. On my server I got my gnome guild, WoW friends that I know since 5 years, IRL friends, family but also co-workers, ex bosses etc. And I'm not talking about the daily the lvl 1 players that comes to my server just to chat about how to chroma key a character in a video. WoW is like a 3D MSN to me now and it is sometimes hard to enjoy the game. I did not played WoW since Starcraft 2 beta started though.

    buffed: What class and race do you play or did you play? And which of the WoW expansions (including classic) do you like the most?

    Olibith: I have a gnome mage, a troll rogue, an orc warlock, a night elf druid, a dwarf healer priest, an undead shadow priest, a draenei shaman, a gnome death knight and I plan on having a holy cow with Cataclysm. Most of my characters are max level but my main really is my mage. Vanilla was the best fun I ever had with WoW, 40 people raids were so epic. When BC came, our raid exploded and that really made me sad. I really enjoyed Northrend visually, much more than the Outlands.

    buffed: If you could play a WoW boss – which one would that be and why?

    Olibith: I think it would be C'thun because he has a lot of tentacles.

    WoW, Machinima: Interview about machinima & World of Warcraft buffed: Is there anything you’d wish Blizzard to implement into the game for example with Cataclysm what would make it much easier for you to make machinimas?

    Olibith: So many things... Like an offline mode with an advanced camera, weather control etc. An official model viewer with as many options as you can find in other games viewers. But what I'd really like is an in game streaming TV that you can watch in auction houses or on TV sets that engineers could create. I have some ideas about what could be broadcast in those televisions. ^^

    buffed: Can you tell us something about your next project?

    Olibith: My next project is a horror movie, well not really a serious one. I already got the script, almost all the voices recorded... All I need is time. The title of the movie will be "The Hills have eggs" and there's a chance the KFC dwarf from the NST series will play a great part in the film.

    buffed: Thank you very much for your time and all the best for your future!

    Olibith: Thanks to you for this interview.

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WoW, Machinima: Interview about machinima & World of Warcraft