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  • Star Citizen: Patch 0.9.2 verbessert die Steuerung in Arena Commander

    Der neueste Patch für das Star Citizen Dogfighting-Modul Arena Commander macht die Steuerung präziser dank einem Feature namens EPS - Enhanced Stick Precision. Außerdem wurde die Kartengröße für Arena Commander verdoppelt. Weitere Details und Patchnotes gibt's im Artikel.

    So ganz perfekt ist die Steuerung in der Alpha von Arena Commander noch nicht, Patch 0.9.2 bringt das Spiel aber schon bedeutend näher an den von Chris Roberts erhofften "Grad an Kontrolle und das Gefühl für Dogfighting, das ich mir vorgestellt habe, als ich erstmals darüber nachdachte, wie sich Raumkämpfe anfühlen sollten." Zudem gab es Überarbeitungen am Zielcomputer (ITTS) und am HUD und die Kartengröße wurde verdoppelt.

    Das EPS-System für verbesserte Präzision macht die Steuerung genauer, indem es beispielsweise verhindert, dass ihr beim Anvisieren nahegelegener Ziele versehentlich übersteuert. Ursprünglich für Joysticks und Analog-Sticks am Gamepad ausgelegt, soll das System auch die Maussteuerung verbessern. Die genauen Details zu diesem System und allen weiteren Verbesserungen findet ihr in der offiziellen Ankündigung. Außerdem gibt es offizielle Patch Notes zu Version 0.9.2 - diese findet ihr auch direkt unter dem Artikel. Weitere Neuigkeiten zu Star Citizen gibt es auf unserer Themenseite.

      • Added Gladius to hangar
      • Added Enhanced Stick Precision for Joystick and Gamepad
      • Added Target Focus
      • Added Virtual Joystick toggle (left-alt)
      • Added missile deployment animations
      • Added option to now bind decoupled yaw on joysticks
      • M50
        • Health reduced
        • Turning speed increased
        • Acceleration increased
      • 350R
        • Decreased boost
        • Weight increased
      • 300i
        • Adjusted weapon heat decay
      • Hornet
        • Increased power draw of shield
      • Aurora
        • Adjusted weapon heat decay
      • Weapon Cooling tweaked for all weapons
      • Omnisky III
        • Damage Decreased
        • Firing rate increased
      • Omnisky VI
        • Firing rate increased
      • CF-007 Bulldog Repeater
        • Damage decreased
      • CF-117 Badger Repeater
        • Damage increased
      • Behring M3A Laser
        • Damage increased
      • Behring M4A
        • Firing rate decreased
        • Bullet speed increased
        • Reduced bullet spread
      • Behring M5A
        • Firing rate increased
        • Power usage increased
        • Damage increased
      • 9-Series Longsword
        • Size reduced from 2 to 1
        • Firing rate increased
        • Damage increased
      • 11-Series Broadsword
        • Firing rate increased
        • Damage decreased
      • Sledge II
        • K and W Mass Driver Cannon display name changed to Sledge II
        • Size reduced from 2 to 1
        • Firing rate decreased
        • Damage decreased
      • Mantis GT-220
        • Damage decreased
      • MaxOx NN-13 Neutron Cannon
        • Firing rate increased
        • Damage increased
        • Decreased heat and power usage
        • Changed color
      • Target Lead Indicator replaced with Lag-Pip
      • Increased size of DFM maps
      • Adjusted Shield Regen Delay
      • Default joystick x-axis input is now yaw instead of roll
      • Comstab now off by default
      • Updated 315p material
      • Relative mouse mode improvements
      • Various HUD visual changes
      • Zoom slightly increased, visual effect added
      • Adjusted position of locker toilet paper
      • Updated ammobox visual in holotable
      • Decreased IFCS Banking
      • Racing checkpoints now open faster
      • Adjusted Broken Moon and Dying Star ambient light
    • FIXES
      • Fixed 325a textures
      • Fixed Mustang enter animation
      • Fixed Aurora gimbal rotation rate
      • Fixed Squadron Battle not ending if one team leaves
      • Fixed Vanduul spawning in incorrect locations
      • Fixed racing end of match scoreboard
      • Fixed some draw distance issues in the hangar
      • Fixed the planet flickering in Broken Moon
      • Fixed 300i series door sounds
      • Fixed 300i series hologram not showing ship damage
      • Fixed Origin radar sphere being too dim
      • Fixed flickering issues of environment assets during the beginning of a race
      • Fixed distance marker on selected reticle to now match scale of reticle
      • Matchmaking improvements
      • Localization fixes
      • Various crash fixes
      • Ships can appear to jitter near edges of large maps
      • 325a external material incorrect after zoning into multiplayer matches
      • Gladius canopy becomes offset from cockpit during open animation
      • 325a power management bars do not update when redistributing power via the power triangle
      • Dynamic Zoom only functions when ship is not moving
      • Arena commander menu specified Hornet F7a as ‘TRAINER’
      • Omnisky III and IV do not overheat
      • Floating geometry above 315p starboard door
      • The nose and wing stripes on the 315p are displaying incorrectly
      • Targeting an enemy ship during the HUD bootup sequence will result in the targeted ship not appearing in the target window
      • Wingmen stop flying between waves in Vanduul Swarm
      • Turrets are inaccessible in the Cutlass Black and Blue
      • Graphical artifacts appearing when using an AMD R9 285 video card
      • Docking Collar is inaccessible in the Cutlass Black
      • Docked targets show a scanned reticle/HUD arrow but do not give lag pips
      • Grey cat will always turn right when using the Gamepad
      • Joystick and Throttle inputs do not prevent Windows power saver mode from putting monitor to sleep
      • You can prevent this by increasing the sleep timer for your display in Windows Power Saver settings
      • Stalker IR missiles do little damage and ignore flares
      • Hornet nose weapons do not recharge
      • Helmet overlay still appears below feet when looking down
      • Aurora MR red decals don’t get damaged when the ship does
      • Vanduul, Vixen and Warlord will sometimes collide with asteroids
    Star Citizen: Kampfflieger Gladius im Video
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Star Citizen
Star Citizen: Patch 0.9.2 verbessert die Steuerung in Arena Commander
Der neueste Patch für das Star Citizen Dogfighting-Modul Arena Commander macht die Steuerung präziser dank einem Feature namens EPS - Enhanced Stick Precision. Außerdem wurde die Kartengröße für Arena Commander verdoppelt. Weitere Details und Patchnotes gibt's im Artikel.
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