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  • Dota 2: Aktuelle Patch Notes

    Valves Dota-Macher haben neue Updates für das Moba-Spiel veröffentlicht. Neben Anpassungen am Fest der Neuen Blüte gibt es striktere Strafen für Spieler, die Matches verlassen.

    Das Team von Valve veröffentlichte neue Patch Notes für Dota 2. In den Updates vom 5. Februar sind unter anderem einige Anpassungen am aktuellen Ingame-Event "Fest der Neuen Blüte" zu finden. Der Rothuf-Kurier – einer der möglichen Preise für den Kampf gegen die Jahresbestie – kann nun beispielsweise auch in den Jade-Token-Belohnungen gefunden werden.

    Außerdem schrauben die Entwickler an der Strafe für Spieler, die Matches vorzeitig verlassen. Die Strafe soll ab sofort früher greifen als bisher. Ebenfalls neu: Verlässt ein Spieler das Match, noch bevor es zum "First Blood" kommt, werden der betroffene Spieler und seine Party bestraft – für die restlichen Spieler wird das Match nicht gewertet. Hier könnt Ihr Euch die vollständigen Patch Notes für Dota 2 durchlesen:

    • Ingot drop rate doubled
    • Added a chance of finding the Redhoof Courier in the Bloom Harvest and Bloom Bounty Jade Token rewards.
    • The Shopkeeper in the Year Beast fight now has limited stock of Firework Mines and Scare the Beast flags.
    • Wraith King’s Vampiric Aura has no effect against the Year Beast.
    • Ursa’s Fury Swipes have no effect against the Year Beast.
    User Interface
    • Alt+Control clicking enemy heroes in the top bar now sends a hero has returned chat message
    • Alt clicking on a store item will announce to your allies that you will purchase that item
    • Fixed item alerts not working properly
    • The game no longer freezes while a replay is being decompressed after the download is completed.
    • Fixed Legacy Keys not being set correctly when reconnecting
    • Legacy Keys now work correctly when querying (and allow you to use to proper legacy keys if taking over a bot)
    • Fixed Terrorblade illusions taking too much damage
    • Fixed Phoenix Sunray healing half of the amount it should
    • Fixed AoE gold not being given to hidden heroes (such as Phoenix using Supernova, Brewmaster using Primal Split)
    • Fixed Radiant having vision for a small area just outside the Dire fountain
    • Abandonment penalties will now be applied much more quickly after the abandonment occurs. (Previously the penalty was applied at the end of the match that was abandoned.)
    • Abandonment in a ranked match before first blood will now count as a loss for the abandoner and all party members. (MMR will decrease.) For all other players in the game, the match will not be scored. After first blood, the same rules apply as before: the match will be scored for all players. The abandoner will always receive a loss, but all other players will be scored a win/loss according to the actual match outcome.
    • Master Assassin’s Tails (Bounty Hunter) – fixed chest strap skinning
    • Form of Great Grey (Lycan) – added portrait entry
    • Icewrack Pack wolves (Lycan) – added portrait entry
    • Mysterious Vagabond Pack (Shadow Shaman) – fixed cloth issue during movement
    • Demon Blood Helm (Axe) – fixed cloth issue during movement
    • Prisoner’s Anchor (Alchemist) – fixed skinning on saddle
    • Swamp Fins (Tidehunter) – fixed skinning
    • Soul Reaper (Necrophos) – fixed loadout issue
    • Excavator’s Treasure (Tidehunter) - fixed skinning
    • Adjusted skinning on Rubick capes: Councilor's Robe, Cloak of Inscrutable Zeal, Tails of Resonance Vibrance
    • Stone Dragon Soul (Earth Spirit) - weapon is now two separate pieces. Added default weapon particles to this and Staff of the Demon Stone
    • Beast of Vermilion Wilds (Beastmaster) - now equips correctly
    • Jade Talon (Pudge) - fixed orientation
    • Minor adjustments to Terrorblade's Voice to give the base and morph forms more presence in the mix
    • Fixed Random Hero button tooltip to say that you gain 200 gold for randoming a hero
    • Removed duplicate health regeneration description from Alchemist's Chemical Rage tooltip
    • Removed mention of Beastmaster's Call of the Wild destroying previous summons
    • Fixed Beastmaster's Call of the Wild (Hawk) advanced tooltip to say that the Greater Hawk's nvisibility starts at 4 seconds of inactivity.
    • Reworded the description of Elder Titan's Earth Splitter to better explain how its damage is done
    • Added cast range to Keeper of the Light's Mana Leak
    • Removed inaccurate information in Mirana's Sacred Arrow tooltip regarding its affect on invisible units. Sacred arrow will stun and damage invisible units
    • Removed inaccurate information in Mirana's Leap tooltip. The Leap buff is applied when and where she begins Leap
    • Added Slow duration and percentage to Shadow Fiend's Requiem of Souls tooltip
    • Added a description of Silencer's innate Intelligence Steal buff to that buff's tooltip.
    • Reworded the description of Spectre's Desolate to better explain that the bonus damage is done when the attacked enemy is alone (has none of its allies nearby)
    • Removed inaccurate information in Viper's Corrosive Skin tooltip. Corrosive Skin is applied to an enemy when an attack hits
    • Fixed Warlock's Upheaval tooltip to say that it can be channeled for up to 16 seconds
    • Fixed typo in Dust of Appearance tooltip
    • Removed inaccurate information in Eye of Skadi tooltip regarding lifesteal stacking. Eye of Skadi can stack lifesteal on both melee and ranged heroes
    • Removed inaccurate information in Ghost Scepter's tooltip. Boots of Travel does not dispel Ghost Form, however using a Teleport Scroll does
    • Fixed inaccurate information in Radiance debuff tooltip to say that its burn does 50 damage per second
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Dota 2
Dota 2: Aktuelle Patch Notes
Valves Dota-Macher haben neue Updates für das Moba-Spiel veröffentlicht. Neben Anpassungen am Fest der Neuen Blüte gibt es striktere Strafen für Spieler, die Matches verlassen.
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